Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ye shall become quickened and cleansed

Verily, I say to thee .. ye shall become quickened and cleansed .. purified and then unified with the Father’s Initiatory Life. His Kingdom shall expand to taketh you in, and ye shall find your place within this universe.

I am with you closer than the hairs upon your skin.

Ask of Me to show you My whereabouts. Attend to My Tenfold Precepts of Intimacy in your ascendancy to the Kingdom.

These tenfold precepts are My Word of Glory which I will pour outward to you upon your fulfillment of the Kingdom keys.

The Kingdom hath invisibility to you .. it hath it's quietude .. and it Showeth itself only to those individuals who willingly give up their opinions and control.

Again, I say to you .. there are these certain preparations which you shall attain to; attributes of genuineness and graciousness .. generosity and gentleness .. gracefulness cometh to those personalities who are wholeheartedly devoted to Truth and Objectivity which is Love.

These are the attributes of God's nature .. the righteous attitudes given his creatures. He is thine Life right now .. and to claim this inheritance in him .. ye shall become enlivened with great courage to face thyself in all ways as you develop godwards.

My Father’s Sovereignty is his Kingdom of Redemption and Regeneration .. Remembrance and Revelation .. Responsibility and Intimacy of Religious Relationship with every creature and every single blade of grass which growtheth to fulfill it's potentials.

My Spirit Comforter which I am .. I walk with thee in your surroundings and as part of your life experiences, and as you engage with Me .. I shall respond to you with our ever blossoming and intimate fellowship which always amplifies the glory of the Parenthood of God and the Universal Brotherhood of all creatures and beings.

Be thou .. ever attendant upon this intimacy of religious communion, and ye shall build a new momentum of God's power in thee .. his mercy shall endure and overwhelmingly conquer all adversaries in you.

His forgiveness when entered into hath fire and cleansing potency .. a power of Omnipotence which hath no limits to prepare thee for the adventures of eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon

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