Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Law fulfillment

Verily, ye shall perfect thine imperfections by adhering to the Father’s Law. The Law fulfillment allows for you to become the nature and identity of the Father's Initiatory Life.

The Universal Father is the Initiatory Ideal. The Eternal Mother Son is the Revelatory Word .. the revelation of this Universal Ideal. It's Perfected Pattern revealed. And the Infinite Spirit is the Preparatory Act who prepares thee to become just as the perfected patterns which the Primal Originating Son reveals to the universes.

Over the course of lifetimes .. ye have applied your creative nature .. ye have sown in thought, and ye have reaped thine sowings. You have struggled with understanding your identity, your nature, your place in existence, and you have withstood many trials and tribulations in the search for Absolute Objectivity and Everlasting Truth.

Now, ye shall resow thine miscreations and thine misqualifications .. thine  misidentifications shall you transfigure by the Law. Only then, shall you live the will of the Father.

My mission to humanity is to reveal the love and mercy of the Paradise Trinity Parenthood of God. To illuminate the way of approaching the Father Son Spirit through the Father’s Spirit Life in you. To help you to understand God's Sovereignty and His Supremacy.

I come to illuminate the way into your progressive evolutionary ascendancy into the Parenthood of God and the Brotherhood of men and women.

I come to tell you that God the Father is all goodness, truth, and beauty beyond your mortal conceivings.

He is all genuineness and graciousness .. glory and gentleness is he.

His generosity hath no limits. He desires for you only your eternal freedom; for you to eternally blend, majestically merge, and silently share with him your personality life and love...

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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