Thursday, July 27, 2017

Intimate association and divine relationship

I instruct thee in the precepts of intimate association and divine relationship with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise.
In this divine exhortation of truth and ascendancy, I shall redeem humankind from its ignorance of understandings concerned with the Initiatory Life of God.

I shall ennoble all receptive apostles with the strength of their directly personal intimacy with the imminency of God the Father .. God the Son through the Comforter Spirit .. and God the Spirit in the Person of the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit and our Planetary Administration.

Ye shall discover in and through our association together an upsurging motivation .. a wholehearted willingness to cooperate and choose to collaborate with the Universal Administration which I am growing up.

A dignity of faithful trust, and a personal transformation in your capabilities to grow into this progressive orderly evolutionary unfoldment with the Divine Deity Circuits of Intelligence shall become established in you.

Lend Me thine ear and eye. Consider Mine pronouncements as the further coming of the Kingdom of Heaven which is here always and forever, and yet .. needs your participation to expand and establish It's stability and security and serenity throughout the populace.

Michael Of Nebadon

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