Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Worship in Righteousness and Honor

Ever and always is the endowment of the Paradise Trinity within your reach and accessibility. The fault, per say, is in the focusing of the attention. This attention is the one and only Creative Consciousness of the universes localized as .. You.

Consciousness does hold all power and intelligence in its nature. The focusing of Consciousness upon any object .. person .. place .. thing .. or idea .. is the power of Invocation and Worship in Action.

Worship brings about manifestation for the 'worshipper' .. the focalizer of the worshipful attention placed upon its chosen ideal.

Hence, give all thine worshipful attention to the great Virtues of the Father's Kingdom. Worship Him in the pure way which is by direct faithful visionary communion. This is using the power of Invisioning .. faithful invisioning.

Through thine directing attention and focused worshipping .. ye are setting into motion vibratory frequencies which shall continue to act in your personal universe until you transfigure it. This is law .. and none can change it for you; you are each sovereign free will creatures with all capabilities and powers .. rights and authority to CHOOSE WHATSOEVER YE SHALL WORSHIP. This is wherein your authority dwells .. in decisions.

Decisions are built upon the beatitudes of virtues, values, and verities that you cultivate over your time and space lifetimes.

I have said, "Love the Lord thine God with all thy heart and soul .. mind and body."

In this way .. ye are creating vibratory rates that will unfold for you a heaven rather than anything less. This righteousness in the proper use of your spirit endowment of Life and Consciousness. It shall bring you into the very Kingdom of the Father's Spirit Bestowal.

I come to illuminate thine approach to the Kingdom of His Life.

Michael of Nebadon

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