Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thine Perfect Union

My universal administration has existed even before human beings came into being .. even before the earth herself was a thought in the minds of our angelic architects .. so .. unless you are intending to create your own avenues which override the Trinity Persons .. and unless you are believing you desire to run a separative administration of your own .. then I would come into Our administration fellowship.

Come into Our universe fellowship and walk the avenues which are paved with the extraordinary blessings of the Infinite Deities of the Paradise Core.

Come and grasp mine Hands and I shall guide thee and teach thee of greater abundance through the awareness of thine adoration and acknowledgement for the Primordial Consciousness of the Immaculate Bestowal; for the Causeless Cause is thine destination and He holds the promise of better tomorrows for each and every personality soul who is morally and ethically fit .. and made better prepared by the refinement of character through the beatitudes of eternity .. our virtues, values, and verities which prepare thine personal selfhood to arise and atone for all mistakes and misqualifications from all lifetimes of gaining experience and seeking the mastery of perfect union with the force of thine Life.

Michael of Nebadon

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