Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thine Immortal Garment of Immaculate Illumination

As you activate our eternal association and living fellowship through the daily and even hourly communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. then, walk in righteousness and accord with thine Spirit Endowment of Consciousness by opening the seven seals of thine consciousness .. ye shall be growing thine character into a godly perspective and moral fiber .. ye shall be refining thine choices and decisions in honor of the Life I AM .. and ye shall be gradually uplifting thine consciousness into the very Primordial Kingdom of the Father's Consciousness.

Ye shall be attaining to thine own experience in Mine precepts. The Ideal of our fellowship shall blossom in you beyond all mortal lethargies and all selfish doubts and illusory fears will evaporate in you.

The mists that obstruct thine vision shall become lost within the power and divine rays of the Son.

Ye shall be quickened unto thy fuller Glory and Perfection .. at One with the Universal Father Son Spirit.

The Seamless Garment of Immaculate Illumination shall become tailored to thine uniqueness as you are made fit to dwell in the immortal octaves of life.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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