Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mine Instruction Cometh

Give thine adoration and acceptance .. thine appreciation and allegiance .. thine adherence and alignment to the Spirit of the Father's Bestowal Presence within thine own heart and mind.

This is the righteousness of thine free will creative power as a child of the Universal Father Son Spirit.

The Seventh Power of Invitation is thy conscious command for the descent of the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit through the Host of Heaven:

"I AM Crystalline White Purity Absolute Perfection .. Seamless Garment of the Resurrection."

Combine this seventh power of Invitation with the sixth power of Impregnation. Breathe into thine soul field .. thine mind and personality .. the Radiant Substance of the Infinite Spirit Mother as the Host of Heaven directs this Substance to Humanity.

I come into the pastures of this planetary orb to illuminate the way home into Father union and atonement for thine soul .. body .. and personality.

Ye must align thy human agenda and perceptions with eternity if you desire to advance in thine Paradise Ascension Career.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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