Saturday, April 18, 2015

Walk Thou with Me in the Stations of the Cross of Remembrance

My Father God .. thou Universalis One ... we perceive you as everyone .. everywhere are you Imminently present as we raise our attention and focused devotion .. our powers of feeling and sight which we place within thine quickening fire of love each day to become purified and cleansed .. raised upward through thine Plan of Salvation.

Perceive Him everywhere beloveds .. with thine Wholeness of Mind and the Fullness of thy Consciousness .. thine higher mind and spiritual and sensory faculties .. these do become your inheritance once you've commanded His bestowal Spirit to quicken your human faculties into these more developed frequencies which are brought forth in you with your adherence to Our precepts.

See Him as all creatures and all beings .. everything and everyone is Him .. beckoning for His glory and perfection.

Seeking to find their own way through the density and materializing force.

Thus .. mine aspirants .. are ye applying these Kingdom Keys to advance thine earthly career in your progressive ascension into immortality.

Partake now of My Comforter Spirit. Call Me into thine sphere of influence when walking through the world and it's society. Hence, I shall make Myself known to those who invite Me with a sincere intent and motivation to expand the Kingdom of His Supremacy.

Michael of Nebadon

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