Monday, April 27, 2015

Thine Field of Grace Blossoms within thy Character

Choose thou .. morally righteous decisions .. stand up into thine human life .. and let it become saturated with ethical considerations and wisdom pronouncements which grow thine personality character and foster the values of thine surviving immortal soul; for the Fatherhood of God does benefit by your choices which uphold goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. over all appearances and acts of evil.

And the Sonship of Supremacy does very much indeed expand and become fertile in the sight of His individualizations blossoming forth in kindnesses and kisses .. considerations and collaborations of harmony and happiness.

Thine living field of receptivity becomes thou more fertile and predisposed to worship and wisdom .. as thine choice reflect the attitudes of the eternal things .. the righteousness of conscience and cooperation with the Spirit of God who is bestowing Himself upon thee even now in this very moment of creation.

Become then courageous towards embracing knowledge. Courageous to deepen thine understandings of the divine design and the career of the Paradise Ascension of individuals who desire wholeheartedly to do God's will and to live His Way of Immaculate Immortality.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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