Thursday, April 30, 2015

Immaculate Loving is Thine Natural State

It is possible to love one another only after you have conquered your lack of loving to thyself. Only after the misqualified frequencies of self judgments and unacceptance have become transfigured .. then .. only Mercy exists. Only Love remains.

Love .. true integrating Love .. is non-conditional. It is not based upon circumstances nor the good behavior of thyself or another.

Mine Love Is. God Is. Mercy Is.Thou art this Love expressing Itself in every moment. It is only required to dissolve all obstructions in order to find this loving nature in you and allow it to be unleashed at all times.

Thine journey encompasses learning to love unconditionally. Not for any particular reasons that are pleasant or appealing to your person. Yet .. to love thyself and another simply because it is your nature .. that you possess within your being .. a living fragment of the Infinite Father who Is Love Itself.

Thine character emerges and grows as you accept yourself just as you are .. and then make the effort to raise thyself upward in decisions of morality .. ethical choices .. the adherence to eternal principles that you may be learning.

I tell thee beloveds .. ye are magnificent just as you are. It is miraculous in itself .. that you find the desire to aspire for the heights of spiritual progress.

...just miraculous in your receptivity and recognition of the Universal Father Son Spirit of all existence.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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