Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thou Father Of Eternity

Wait not for His overt signs and wonders to show you His Grace and Direction. Ye must have this active faith .. this Governing Impulse of the Universal Christ.

All are the Universal Christ in expression .. His first and only extension into time and space creation. We share His One Body Divine inseparably with each other.

As you become more completely the Father of Supremacy in finite create .. ye are seen to be with Me .. the Vine of all Life.

All peoples and things are then your branches within this Vine. All kingdoms of life are thee, beloveds.

I AM intimately You .. and you are indissolubly Me...

This is the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy .. by which ye shall grow and prosper in light and life more abundant. By directing His Substance and Presence to saturate your human field of expression, then, thine "eye is single, and thine body physical shall become quickened into the everlasting glory of His Life."

Ye cannot put new wine into old skins .. this new wine of which I do speak, is the ancient understanding precepts of God's way in order to have Him more profoundly in thine life and world.

This 'new wine' is mere intellectual metaphor for His knowledge and inspiration .. His peace and protection .. His actual Manna from the Greater Heavens beyond the Earth. You drink of Him and you partake of Our Body.

As I break this bread .. the bread of Life .. eat of Mine Body of His Supremacy and Sovereignty. Drink of the Water of His Life and existence.

Partake of Me .. Beloved .. for ye hold the potentiality to become encircuited in the Mother Spirit and enmeshed with a renewal of mind and heart in My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

Thine personal consciousness shall be cleansed and upgraded .. refined and redeemed .. regenerated and resurrected into the eternal body of immortality.

A new name shall be given .. and a new and higher purpose with our Universe Administration .. working as a universal citizen with the planetary host of heaven shall be thy daily service and expression.

Ye are required to cleanse thyself through His redemptive Fire of Love and Forgiveness which thine Bestowal Spirit possesses for you to make use of. This is the embracing of eternity each and every day .. preparing you to become a candidate for the Eternal Embrace .. the Second Birth given to you by the Paradise Father Himself.

Say unto the presiding Father Spirit Bestowal .. and allow His Infinite and Omnipotent Principle to be unleashed and given to It's expansion and righteousness in you...

"Thou Father, who maketh all that I AM right and proper in thee .. Holy be thy Word and all Eternal Greatness be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come unto the Brotherhood of Humanity of which I AM .. thine divine fire of love and mercy transfigures all within me that is imperfect and unholy in thine sight.

"Give us this day thine daily Substance of light and life by which we may grow and prosper into a permanent and eternal union with you. I give all credit and cooperation to you. All power and intelligence is thine own, Father.

"For thine is the way, the truth, and the life everlasting. I desire without hesitation to become thine will in expression, and thine life in eternity."

Michael of Nebadon

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