Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thine Sevenfold God Powers Prevail

I AM gently stretching all Mine awareness into the all-permeating Consciousness of the Father's Kingdom. I give myself to this in all the moments that it is possible.

Regardless of any prior realization .. remembrance of His Infinitely Intelligent Unfoldment in time and space creation .. the Supremacy of His Presence ... it propels my personal efforts endlessly.

This blessed communion is perpetual and permanently quickening every fibre of God's light .. each atomic particle and it's electronic force becomes the acceleration into fuller joy and unending bliss.

I bring these higher activities daily into my practice with the righteousness of the Embracing Eternity Exercises of Our yoga.

Daily will ye discover for thy very Self Consciousness that "I AM His Infinite Word and Unending Intelligence" in expression and in His overflowing Existential and Primordial Peace...

The Sevenfold Powers of Free Will. Just now I focus with you upon these three powers in particular-

Invitation, Impregnation, and Identification.

"I AM thy Infinite Word and Unending Mercy the All-Perfecting Primordial Intelligence of thy Supremacy. "

Stretch thine Identification. Breathe in thine all-pervading Word. Chant with Deliberation and conviction .. faithful allegiance and childlike trust and joy provoking His response and the radiation of the planetary administration Host with the powers of thine Invitation.

Michael of Nebadon

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