Monday, February 9, 2015

The Yoga of One Humanity at Salvington College Seminary

I share with you herein Our Seven Powers of free will. These are the Embracing Eternity Exercises of Our Yoga at Salvington College Seminary.

As you progress with your daily practice of this throughout your day .. depth and breadth of Consciousness will occur. You will be removing the weight of density of all your lifetimes in the flesh. You will be positioned to become a candidate for the Eternal Embrace of the Second Birth into Universe Citizenry.

1. Invocation uses the beatitudes of the A's such as acknowledgement and appreciation .. acceptance and attention .. and the others.

2. Instruction you receive in many places including at Salvington College Seminary with Me.

3. Inquiry is the way to become aware of your misqualifications as I gradually return the energies to you. Inquiry includes the R's of fulfilling the law of cause and effect.

4. Identification is how you invert your attention to perceive the Undifferentiated Absolute in you .. the Pure Consciousness of the bestowed Father.

5. Invisionment is seeing and living the ideal in your values and virtues .. priorities and character growth. Invisioning is to further cultivate a mind receptive to receive the Higher Mind by working with the Holy Comforter and Holy Spirit. A mind that enjoys the eternal truths and is maturing in its cooperation with the Father. Here we use the beatitudes of the C's and D's.

Invisionment is the fifth power of thine free will. Invisionment has everything to do with building in you those attitudes, values, priorities, virtues, etc. That support your living of the Ideal of the Universal Father. Invisionment enriches the mortal mind and personality while growing character and consciousness into an expression of soul. This is the divine weaving into you of the Paradise Pattern of Perfection.

Invisionment waters the seeds of pure religious unfoldment; where the sacred and holy, the truly valuable and victorious comes to life .. in you. It produces growth of meanings and enhancements of values that lead the disciple godward. Evil and rebellion in heart and mind always has its seeds .. its roots within the personal and subjective. As the personal points of view take control, evil begins to take root in the soul and personality. The subjective thinking of personality when elevated to the degree of pretending to be the absolutes, then evil has begun its downward weight upon the mind and emotions of the creature.

Goodness is not necessarily pleasure, nor is pleasure necessarily goodness. The young soul, while still immature in its understanding values of the Kingdom, places an evaluation of their life experiences basing this evaluation upon pleasure only. Our maturity as a personalization of the Supreme God is directly proportional to acquainting higher meanings and values with an understanding sight of the larger picture at hand.

Goodness, Truth, and Beauty .. and many other godly virtues are divine absolutes which hail from the Three Creative Centers of the Paradise Trinity Source.

6. Impregnation is the application of Our Yoga .. even though these I's are Our yoga .. I give you Impregnation to do a more physical posturing .. stretch  breathe .. chant .. receive .. and live consciously the yoga of union with the God particle in you. This is a beginning.

7. And seventh is Invitation. This is the demonstration of you becoming the Self Directive Governing I AM who consciously commands your own transfiguring by drawing down the Sacred Fire of Holy Spirit in its manifold manifestation through the Host.  i.e. the seven rays and the beings directing those rays.

These Sevenfold Powers of Consciousness open the Kingdom of His Sovereignty in you. This is the righteous use of the Paradise Trinity Endowment of Father Son Spirit.

You change all destructively misqualified momentums into constructively qualified momentums which give the Father's Spirit the greater invitation to expand and glorify you in Him.

Michael of Nebadon

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