Saturday, February 21, 2015

Remembrance and Revelation Ignites thine God Consciousness

The Kingdom of God includes each and all who strive to know God the Father, and who are willing to fulfill His law and earn His will by convergence and integration .. unification and transmutation.

Our association is neither political nor social, it is not economic nor traditionalized, organized, nor dogmatized in its applications. Our religious association is purely religious in that it is personal, objective, quietly allowing to blossom the inner precepts and hidden principles of living. It is not revolution, but a quiet revelation in each human individual personality soul.

As ye give to the remembrance and recognition of the Primordial Consciousness of the Kingdom .. So will you be building a new momentum .. Overflowing with Grace and Mercy, Peace and Prosperity. The Kingdom will overflow its meaning to you as you make the Kingdom meaningful in your lives. All economic and political .. social and institutional .. repercussions, are only the side effects of thine burgeoning expansion of His will in your life and world. For ye must consciously command and call forth for justice in your soul. You must provide the impetus and fuel your transfiguring change now that you have an understanding of the precepts on entering therein.

You must learn the art and virtue of your own self-correction. Each personality soul must now begin to receive the testing of our association in the inner depths of their dedication and devotion.

Now that this path of Ours has held your attentions and aspirations .. it is thine time to build a new city of consciousness in you. A city with glistening structures that reflect the Radiant Light of the Sun. A city with internal pathways and neurological breakthroughs of awareness and appreciation .. all-permeating Consciousness of the Primordial Ocean of His Omnipotence.

This is a city without borders nor boundaries. It is a city that overflows seamlessly into the state and country.

The field that you are building within you is everlasting and immaculately conceived by the Father God. He is the ruler of all things. He alone opens the gateways for all to approach Him through the Spirit and then through the Son.

The Universal Father breathes into you His effervescent love and His Life washes through us as though a great breeze of springtime essence wafts through the air. All consciousness and life everywhere become then .. the recipients of His far reaching Grace and Mercy.

His Originating Word pervades all creatures and beings on every octave of existence. . .

Michael of Nebadon 

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