Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pure Religious Joy and Fulfillment Cometh Upon Thee

Be not opposed to religion .. purely individualized relationship and remembrance of the Universal Father in you. Pure religion is grown out of thine evolutionary progressive attainments .. spirit insight and divinely inspired perception is more than a logical or rational outgrowth, but it is the naturally occurring evolution of a mind encircuited into the Infinite Spirit Circuits of the Universe Mother.

Religion .. that is to say .. personal religion .. is not about the stories of the past nor is it built upon merely biblical repetitions and indoctrination into a group mind. Pure religious power and experience grows from within rather than being stimulated from without. It is the maturing outgrowth of individualized love for their existence and wanting to share their existence with the bestowal of the Father Spirit with themselves.

In Our Eternal Association together, you are seeking to unfurl thine own unique and personal realization of God in you. True, it is a direct result of the righteousness in you with His Law and Order, yet it is your uniquely inspired unfoldment which does accentuate and mature those inner divine gifts and personality traits that are truly of you.

Michael of Nebadon

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