Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Planetary Administration

This Living Ideal .. it is the property and inheritance of all peoples regardless of race or creed .. situation or circumstances. All are meant to fulfill the promise of experience in the Father God. Only He is thine destiny .. thine destination in time and space creation.

Our universe administration is built from this ongoing revelation which begins at the level of the Originating Son and His Sons .. the Immaculate Infinite Spirit and His Daughters.

I say to those with a heart bearing receptivity and desire to evolve .. bring into thine prayers and meditations the Flames of the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven. They are the great benefactors of humanity. They possess the will and the way for all human beings to travel.

The Host stand ready and willing to give aid and sustenance unto the aspirants of the world .. and even greater things are given to the disciples of the Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Personality Circuits of the Central Source.

Michael of Nebadon

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