Friday, February 27, 2015

Happily do I come and insert myself into humanity to further the divine Sovereignty of the Supremacy of God .. for you and all others and every Kingdom within the earth .. all vegetation and animals ..

The most precious elementals and fairies In their kingdom .. and the mother earth herself .. .. Virgo her name .. being the name of the Being who ensouls the earth planet ..

Keep thine Invisionment powers singularly adept at giving your attention and affections .. your acknowledgment and acceptance and your appreciation .. alignment and allegiance to the Paradise Trinity Endowment. . .

When thine Eye be upon thy single destination .. thy whole mind and physical and emotional and soul bodies shall absorb this everpotent and everywhere present divine Substance of the Almighty Source and Center.

For each soul personality whether knowing this fact or not .. is working towards the fulfillment of their completion .. their graduating fulfillment of having attained balance and brought harmony to all their soul energies through atonement with the Bestowal Spirit of the Father.

Michael of Nebadon

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