Sunday, February 15, 2015

Discipleship Attains to thine Actualization

Be thou ever willing and desirous of living thy life according to divine law. This is your greatest protection. .. and it is the illuminated highway into the Kingdom of His Righteousness.

Through thine own efforts ye must partake gradually of the divine essence .. this being thine inheritance in and of the Bestowal Spirit of the Father God. Nowhere throughout the infinity of known creation is there such a thing as vicarious attainment. Every personality must venture to accomplish in their own right. This is the way establish mastery over all energies.

Gradually, ye are designed to grow in moral and ethical decisions and better choices which bring thee to a place of readiness .. receptivity .. and beyond any reproach. Thine personal efforts will become strengthened by your use of the twelve principles of reunion with the Father. These are the principles governing all integration and unification throughout the universes. These are the twelve R's.

With these R's, ye shall attain to the refining of your senses and animal body; a purification of all animalistic tendencies of selfish interests and self-centered agendas which have their roots in an overt subjectivity fed by misidentified consciousness. Thine purification shall change your field of density into the higher more Self controlled and Self directed field of receptivity. This receptivity is a necessary prerequisite in your evolutionary progression into the Seamless Garment of Life .. the Field of the Greater Life more abundant and immortal. It is the conversion of all lesser values and meanings into the divine beatitudes and eternal verities of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

It is your preparatory achievement in gaining the Second Birth into the Cosmos .. cosmic universe citizenship; birthing out from the womb of the earth mother and into Our universe administration.

This Threefold Atonement of the Eternal Embrace is the personality souls living demonstration of its mastery over all the obstructions and choices allowed to occur in all lifetimes of thine journey. Complete victory over disintegration .. disease .. degeneration .. and finally, death physically of the body will never take place for those who walk with their Hand in Mine .. the Father Son Spirit.

I and the Mother with the Host are intent upon turning human beings into their divine inheritance of this EverPresent and Everlasting Self Directive Governing I AM .. the Father's Consciousness personalized and indestructibly Individualized ...

His Individualization doth ye become.

Michael of Nebadon

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