Sunday, February 22, 2015

Constructive and Destructive Qualifications and Momentums

Success in worldly things is one kind of momentum. . . And yes others have more .. or less .. you may have more than some .. less than others.

More misqualifications in one area .. let's say in the emotional body .. and less destructively qualified momentums in the mental body .. for example. This is a very typical example for human beings.

Wheresoever you have placed your focused attention and devotion throughout the hundreds or thousands of lifetimes .. that is where your momentum will be. The energies do not predetermine whether you are using them for destructive or constructive qualification.

For instance .. Some business men may have hundreds of lifetimes in building business .. so they have momentums in that area. Maybe constructively qualified momentums. Yet .. they may have virtually no constructively qualified momentums in the areas of spiritual knowledge.

Often, those who have great success in the worldly areas have little to no development in spiritual growth because they have been placing their focus over hundreds of lifetimes into the material success alone without taking the time to develop their character and consciousness. Yet, they may be touching upon those areas very subtly and this would be successful for them.

The more advanced in thine soul .. the more knowledgeable the soul and personality is .. the more is expected of them. What is success to one person with a little bit of knowledge .. this may not be so successful a lifetime for another who knows far more.

True, they appear here to be more successful, yet that is only in that area of the world. Then perhaps, there are religious people who believe all the incorrect ideas about God and His simple way .. these people have 'destructive' momentums in the respect that they will have to clear all those wrong ideas at some time.

There are two sorts of momentums .. constructively qualified and destructively qualified momentums. . .

Michael of Nebadon

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