Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Second Birth into Universe Citizenry

I AM come to tell you more about My Kingdom with the Universal Father of all life and things .. a vast civilization that extends from the doorway of Infinity to the threshold Eternity.

I have returned once again to welcome you into this very Kingdom of which I speak .. and to give you the right understandings on who you are in this Kingdom .. for each and every one of you .. exists as a child of this One Father God .. a God of Unending Mercy and Goodness .. Unspeakable Joy and Generosity.

I come again .. not for the benefit of your material kingdoms of this world .. it’s economic, political, nor even your religious kingdoms. These are a genuine part of your civilization growth and development, yet, these are of a different path outward.

While I have come for those who have .. over the last twenty centuries .. made themselves ready and positioned in character and consciousness for the One Kingdom which shall lead thee into a more abundant existence .. and a much more everlasting eternal life in and of this Father Primordial Principle of the Life that we all share together as His family.

I come to amplify Our spiritual ideals and everlasting moral and ethical values which are grown out from thine mortal framework of imperfections and immaturities.

Look not for superhuman displays and supernatural glamors of the lesser mind .. which yearns for its own infantile powers and societal positioning; all temporary occupations which lead you not into the Kingdom of which I speak and am representative of.

Again .. I come to tell you something greater and more profound of My Kingdom .. it’s vast and unending Grace and Supply .. it’s everpresent entrance through your remembrance and recognition .. your relationship and realization of Its Infinite Resources.

I come to welcome you wholeheartedly into My Father’s Kingdom where a deep and usability Love saturates all creatures .. all the children of this Kingdom are continually bathed in His essence of Peace and lasting Prosperity.

This Kingdom is ever more real and penetrating to your happiness and inner harmonies. It is never-ending and endlessly overflowing with all good things that shall broaden your perspective of your place within existence .. and it shall awaken your latent potentials as a child of the Father God.. your relationship with our Father of universes with an ever brightening destiny in Eternity.

I have given to you .. My disciples and those burgeoning aspirants who crave Our discipleship together .. an illuminated highway which is the fundamental basis of all realities .. and by which ye shall emerge out from the throes of mortal struggle and enter into Our Kingdom of Purity and a closer Proximity to the Center and Source of all Lifestreams.

Genuine power always occurs for the aspirant as they give themselves to the God Power. All other lesser powers which are obtained by taking from others and the world systems .. these are merely manipulation, control, and often subtle abuse.

As ye evolve thyself, your acts of giving to the Godhood within you .. is the primary and only approach to true empowerment. A truly empowered individual can be recognized by the characteristics of truth, kindness, love, patience, forbearance and gratefulness. Wherever these reside, false powers and the subtleties of egoism cannot reside.

Seek to develop these qualities in you. Understand that all attainment comes about through giving. As ye give, so shall ye receive. Yet, if you seek only to receive first and withhold thine giving, then there is not much achieved in your evolutionary progression.

The everlasting and permanent effulgence of the Bestowed Spirit of the Father .. His radiation of perfection and prosperity .. this is always obscured by egoism. Egoism is that within the mind and emotion of mankind that creates density and obstruction for the individual personality soul.
Therefore when egoism is destroyed in the initiation of transfiguration, all troubles end, all discontents vanish, and blissful convergence and integration with the Spiritual Bestowal is attained.

Just as the sun is obscured by fog and mist, the feeling of egoism causes this vibrational separation, and this is what hides your eternal joy and bliss. The obstructive screen of selfishness and a flawed character that is attempting to live outside of the pre-eminence and sovereignty of Deity prevents mankind from seeing and feeling and experiencing God, who is, in fact, nearer to him than anything else. Closer is He to you than your breathe; for sincerely, He is thine Consciousness and Life. Without His presence, you and I would be non-existent. Many an aspirant and true disciple of the Paradise Trinity Endowment – the Personality Circuits of the Three Persons of the One Deity have allowed all excellences and attainments to become won by long years of struggle and sacrifice, surrender and selflessness, silence and service. These are the virtues and beatitudes that one should cultivate in order to attain the Second Birth into Cosmic Citizenry. Let not thine egoism and lesser nature cause to slip away your achievement. Become vigilant and unvarying, consistent, unhesitant, and firmly expecting in your devotional worship and divine relationship with the Universal Father.

Power without the joyful bliss of actualization becomes a detriment for the soul. In thine unfolding exercises, daily practice and application is a primary detail. Mine teachings and living demonstration are Mine precepts, principles, and divine doctrines for living as I AM living in daily practice. With practice, you begin to demonstrate and bear witness to the truth that you truly are. Without this practice, whatever the wealth of words, whatever the standard of scholarship, it becomes merely food for the egoism of the individual.

Bring thine life into its truthful unfoldment. Give God who lives within you, the opportunity to share your human imperfect mortal life with Him. He will come forth to you, expanding His glory and excellence in you, and His giving is infinite and unending. He will carry you ever upward into His Eternal Embrace.

Michael Of Nebadon

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