Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thy Kingdom Unveiled

In living at this level of existence .. and seeking to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty .. seeking to bring forth His attributes and His nature .. His Consciousness and Will .. ye must become vigilant .. ever discerning and dedicated towards transfiguring the material density in your four bodies of expression.

This is where the Embracing Eternity Exercises of your free will become your way to open the inner door to the Infinite .. the Kingdom of God.

In the morning .. and before the world tends to create it's sensory momentums within you .. breathe deeply for a few moments .. make that conscious connection with your breathing .. and as you do this, think of the Ocean of His Formlessness. Connect in thought .. in imagination .. using Invisionment .. to perceive thine own being within this Ocean .. as it's doorway is through the Paradise Adjuster .. the bestowed Particle of His Consciousness and Life that you are.

Identify with His Consciousness. Become conscious that you are Him. You are His Consciousness in your location of existence. Feed the energy and substance of thine attention into this Ideal .. this Invisioning. Use your faith and trust to take a risk in knowing that the Primordial Father resides within you and as you. His Life Consciousness gives to you the awareness and awakeness of your life existence.

Now .. are ye doing the will of the Father moreso. Bringing forth from the tomb of unawareness .. His nature of valuing Life everywhere .. in and as everything and everyone. You are practicing His generosity with others .. rather than judgmental attitudes and intolerance .. ye are generously unconditional in allowing all to err .. and to " work out of them" the misunderstood vision passed down to them from others who have been misguided and misinformed.

And .. as you give your generosity to others .. so shall God's mercy and generosity be extended to you. You shall become embodied moreso with His nature .. and identified with His Consciousness of the Immaculate Awareness .. the all-permeating Life of the One Sonship we all share together.

Michael of Nebadon

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