Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thy Comings and Goings Into and Out from the Garment of Flesh

Lives without number have ye led in the flesh garment; coming and going from slightly higher realms of life still within the earth, and back again into the carnal levels of flesh and bone. Ye can work out more in one single lifetime within the flesh garment than you can within one hundred lifetimes in the higher regions of the earth planet. Your home is within these higher regions until that time when you have graduated. Then are ye taken into Our association .. Our living network of service and creative happiness.

The Host watches and waits; searching...or shall I say.. easily observing those individuals whose light vibration has reached a certain point of evolutionary attainment, and wherein their help is essential for further growth. And when there is one found to be at this point of attainment, they are given the further instruction divine, the further radiation of the Host of Heaven; in this simple way shall those of you striving for greater things become enlightened through the Infinite Power and Intelligence of the Mother's Spirit through the Host.

Michael of Nebadon

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