Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Inquiry Opens thine Inner Door unto the Infinite One

Humility in the truest sense is to be emptied of the selfishness arising from a life lived in identification with the body and the senses. These lesser elements constantly try to make themselves heard by the mind of the individual. The body and little human mind seek their own agenda and satisfactions.

In thy seeking of the Kingdom of His Consciousness .. give to Him within you .. all credit and glory for all things. Be not like the egotistically vain who give themselves all credit for their success and abundance .. yet give blame and criticism to God and all others for their failures.

Strive with love and devotion in your heart to perfect thyself by inquiry; for it is inquiry that prepares you to bring all your allegiance to the bestowed Life and Consciousness of the Father.

Inquiry prepares you to fulfill the law of cause and effect .. and this is the most direct way to begin to identify with the pure Consciousness of the Infinite One. Inquiry rids you of your imperfections by allowing that in you which is imperfect to arise and be forced to the surface of your Consciousness.  Inquiry stirs the unconscious into Consciousness.

Inquiry is the third power of free will in the Embracing Eternity Exercises at Salvington College.

Michael of Nebadon

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