Saturday, January 3, 2015

Behold, the Royal Road of Regeneration

Each one of you who are working towards the fulfilling of greater perfection must come to a point of many choices .. choices of thine free will that will offer you an evolutionary point of progression.

As you choose wisely the higher way at these times .. then, the doorway swings open just a bit wider for you. You become more greatly receptive to sacrifices of the naught so that you may Create the space for the great aught .. the invisible and formless One .. to enter you more completely and thoroughly in It's raising action .. the activities of the Universe Mother and Her Holy Spirit.

Often though .. you take choices that send you down the wrong road .. the road whereby it makes it even more difficult for you to find your way out. Many at that point begin to justify to themselves that they are where they are supposed to be .. and this is simply not correct.

True .. you are gong to learn from all the twists and turns and dead ends that you spiral into on your journey .. yet .. at those times of greatest confusion and deepest justifications and excuses and rationalizations .. Our association will prove to be most powerfully useful.

It is a relationship with Us that fosters your independence and individuality in a godly way. Our association together .. When invited and cooperated with .. does many great things in your behalf to strengthen and clarify .. to lighten and illuminate thine way.

Blessed are those who are willing to invite Our divine help .. even when all is going quite well .. for they shall be more precisely and powerfully responded to when the call comes for Our intervention during those times within your lifetimes that you are sitting in darkness and density facing a dead end street along your path.

Blessed are those who honor our Universal administration .. and who are humbly available to reach for Our Hand .. to become God taught and guided by Us. For this is the way designed for evolutionary creatures to walk into the arms of the Father God .. whose love for you holds no limitations nor lack in any way. He has mandated that your race be Lifted .. Quickened .. Raised and Regenerated into completion of your earthly unfoldment. Only in this way of your unfoldment will you discover success and a momentum that carries you upwards in all ways.

Michael of Nebadon

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