Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When ye go about the labors of your day, remembrance of Our association together accelerates your Consciousness .. your soul field becomes quickened into greater receptivity.  I am then .. able to touch to you with My surrounding Comforter I AM.

In My Spirit of Truth .. I say to you .. ahead it is this way .. come hither .. ye shall find Truth in just this way beloved One.

For I do know mine own .. they are the burgeoning light of the world. They are the hungry who have tasted of Our association and they are a thirst with clear and Pure Desire for mastery over all energies.

They do seek to expand the Kingdom of His Sovereignty into and through their person. They desire cleanly and for true righteous reasons .. to bring completion to their evolutionary progression within the earth world.

Call unto Us .. the Perfect Father .. the Originating Son .. the Immaculate Spirit. These Existential Persons of the One Deity are extended into creation through Paradise Trinity Endowment.  We come to you in order to emancipate thine intellectual understandings .. to bring each of you to an evolutionary point of quantum healing and harmony .. and to give thee aid and direction and the sustenance of nectar .. that you will penetrate through thine own densities and embrace the eternal One.

Michael of Nebadon

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