Monday, December 1, 2014

To expand the inner Kingdom of force within your heart through the Embracing Eternity Exercises includes your invitation decrees and songs, as well as, the powers of invisionment; invisioning the colors of the Flames that you are commanding from the Host of Heaven.

...and as you give, give, give yourself to these exercises  .. then the rate of vibration of the electrons spinning around each atomic core nucleus begins to speed up magnificently. This does transfigure all thine soul matter into the frequency of light through the power of calling forth the omnipotence of the Universe Mother’s Love .. Her Holy Spirit.

So, I heartily suggest to you each, that you continue each morning and evening with this righteous use of your free will power which the Embracing Eternity Exercises fortifies and strengthens in you. The Embracing Eternity Exercises are the activity of your right use of free will in the attainment of the Plan of Salvation.

This Plan requires that each personality soul take ownership of their mastery by the righteous use of its powers to create vibrational qualities and virtues of expression. In this way you are becoming gods and goddesses of the Source.

Michael of Nebadon

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