Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Rapture into Light Occurs over Time and Space

Even though the imperfect human qualities and the Father's Perfection exist side by side with each human being .. over time .. and quite gradually .. the Majesty of Love can be invited to take up fuller residence in the human experience as the personality invites change .. and allows for the Father God to make these very necessary inner changes in the individual.

Love is the great integrator .. and without our conscious invitation to Love .. the disintegration process unfolds erroneously for human life. This disintegration is opposed to the divine pattern and plan. With Love .. Integration with the Spiritual Presence comes into actualization. The person is prepared in raising their vibratory condition so that one day soon thereafter .. the oft misunderstood rapture may take place.

Knoweth what transpires for you as you undergo this rapturous integration with the Life Principle?

It is known as the Everlasting Life blossoming forth .. manifesting .. becoming into thine reality expression as an individual.

You do not become integrated with the Ocean by disappearing into it .. yet .. your personality soul and a new Immortal form .. become integrated with His Sovereignty .. His Spirit. You become a new being who has advanced along the byways of life into the very next stage of evolutionary attainments.

Merry Christmas to you each who come here to learn and grow in knowledge and empowerments...

Michael Of Nebadon

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