Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Father's Spiritual Substance Endureth Forevermore

I AM with you each one through Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. and thine Infinite Mother Spirit walks with you by surrounding you .. She permeates all things. Simply arise in mind and receptivity .. continue to reverse the density of your human heaviness of vibration by practicing the Embracing Eternity Exercises.

And the Father's Spiritual  Substance is literally nearer .. closer to you than your hands and feet. He is nearer than even your breathing and your thoughts. He is thine identity .. thine time space destination.

He dwells as His own bestowal of Life .. the great Self Consciousness of the universes .. the Heavens .. for these universes are His Body .. His Thought .. His Word .. His Act.

You are a part of The Father .. in your locale within His Body beloveds. True .. He dwells personally at the Central Hub of Existence .. yet .. each of you are Him within the finiteness of His creation.

My love and mercy are within reach by your receptivity and invitation to Me. Those of you who .. by faith and trust .. are knowing Me in your Heart .. I will be especially attentive to .. for you have agreed to allow the Mother and I to lift you Home.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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