Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sons and Daughters of the Father Son Spirit

Beloveds .. I look forward to being together tomorrow in our conference and fellowship. 

Bring unto Me thine blindness and struggles .. thine confusions and pains .. thine self-doubts and fears .. and I shall assist you to wash these away through the Father's Omnipotent Love .. the Son's Everpresent Mercy .. and the Spirit's Absolute Purity.

Together with you each .. and with this planetary administration of the Host of Heaven .. we are creating avenues for illumination and eternal harmony.

Be willing towards patience and perseverance .. purity and piousness. Open thine mind to perceive in you the ways of expanding the Kingdom of your Heart...

Amplify your faith and trust in the Father to work out the righteous plan for your lifetimes. His infinite and limitless Intelligence is truly indestructible and without taint nor error. His gracious generosity will flood you and your personal world with the Substance of Pure White Fire.

Thine way becomes grace filled as you deeply expand thy will and transmute all doubts and fears ... in the name of the Universal Father Creator.

Thine reliance upon Him when coupled with the simplicity of an innocent child will bring the greatest result in His response to your calls.

Invite My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter into your prayerful invocation and worship moments. I am given from the Central Hub of the Trinity .. the power to guide thine way unto the fullness of His Truth and Justice.

I make plain and clear the path for you .. by which you will set into destiny a new way of approach to your life and world.  I give you .. with your mutual cooperation .. a renewal of thine mind into the eternal attitudes and virtues .. the priorities and precepts of Paradise. 

I and the Universe Mother will enter into your consciousness so that you know by undeniable experience that you are the sons and daughters of God.

Michael of Nebadon

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