Monday, December 22, 2014

Righteousness in Decision-making Breeds Fertility of Character

Moral choices and ethical decisions build character .. confidence .. cooperation .. and consecration in the individual’s mind and body.

As you follow doing the right thing in your conscience .. you will build self respect and self honor .. dignifying your life and personality.

Unworthiness comes from a few things .. nor living up to your expectations .. not following the higher choices .. and not being utterly truthful to yourself and others.

This royal road is not a behavior change nor is it an act. You must walk in the knowledge and truthfulness .. so that you begin to understand in your direct experience what you are learning intellectually.

Thus .. it takes time .. and unworthiness must be transfigured as well. Yet .. so that you do not add to it .. or not to "sin again" .. you must walk your talk. This cannot be faked.

The greatest challenge that aspirants have is to convert their habitual tendencies into purity and alignment .. with the higher virtues of the Father God. He and the Son and their Sons .. are the personality patterns which hail from the perfected octaves.

Study Our precepts from the Paradise Trinity .. rearrange your human priority for the benefit of the One.

Partake of the Water of Life which I bring .. and remain humble .. empty .. renouncing any tendencies for superiority and arrogance to find any fertile soil to take root in you.

Be ever grateful to be given the opportunity to advance yourself into maturity and manifestation.

I hold you with Mine Embrace through the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

Michael of Nebadon

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