Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Arrival within the Earth

The lower nature .. the lesser humanly contracted mind and it's emotional content .. is truly hypnotized into only perceiving and relating with the objects and circumstances around itself. It is sensory bound .. relating to .. and interactive only with the material sensory phenomena.

While the evolutionary progression of the soul and personality requires the individual to make contact with the unknown and unseen .. the Infinite and undifferentiated One God .. and this recognition and deep remembrance of the invisible One .. the aught .. the Real and Everlasting Intelligence .. this fosters relationship with the great intelligence .. and to be in conscious relationship with the power of the One brings evolutionary maturing and development; denial and unconsciousness of the Supreme God .. and merely being hypnotized by the materializing influences doesn't allow the personality soul to nurture itself into a fuller development. It gains but little in its time and space curriculum.

I come with the beloved Host of Heaven .. and the Universe Mother Spirit .. to ignite thine remembrance .. and to renew thine mind into the fruits of relationship with the finite God all-pervading.

Michael of Nebadon

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