Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ordainments into His Primordial Supremacy

Our everlasting association is an illumination of the reality of God in thine hearts and minds. You .. only you .. may decide to enter therein and bequeath to thyself this inheritance that I speak of with subtle glimpses.

I do come to men and women of this world with quietude and silence .. well beneath the tumultuous noise .. the systems of the world .. political and religious, financial and economic .. I come in fulfillment of my covenant with thee .. with thine humanity .. and I and the Mother with the Host of Heaven .. we come offering you initiation and ordination into the holy grail of knowledge .. the verities of eternity which would free you each eternally from the cycles of lifetimes. We come with the strategies of the Source .. the technologies of Pure Spirit.

Soon, as the vibrations within this Earth are raised beyond the veil, and above the fray of baser things, soon, ye shall feel thine own hunger and thirst for righteousness and honor. We come awaiting this in you; that thine time shall be upon thee to make a quest for the golden .. for the everlasting beyond the ephemeral and temporary things.

I come unto men and women silently within the inner recesses which surround their soul. I make speech unto those who would do goodly works which are pleasing to the Father .. the Originating Intelligence .. I come many times in the night to those who are faithful in My service giving you strength and encouragement, conviction and confidence; alighting the wick of thine attainments by first supplementing the oils in thine lamps of wisdom and power.

Know ye My brethren .. brothers and sisters .. My children .. that as you give into this Our association with thine free will decision .. then We come closer into thine midst to guide the way into maturity and wholeness.

 . . . and as always, those who live accordingly to Mine precepts .. these ones I come to help them step into mastery and fulfillment .. into utter humility and divine emptiness .. into the atonement of their own resurrection into the Seamless Garment of Life.

Michael of Nebadon 

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