Monday, December 1, 2014

Every disease that you may ever encounter has its direct correlation to the defiance or ignorance in the necessity of expanding your life force presence.

The inhibiting of our force of life causes all material substance and the subtle bodies to begin their slow death and decay. This is in error to Our Ideal of the Kingdom. It is the slowing down of the vibratory activities in the atomic structure that leads to disintegration. Whereas,  Integration is Sovereignty. Integration is the quickening. Integration brings the soul aspirant into communion and cooperation with the Universal One.

Thoughts of againstness and conflict .. blaming and fighting even mentally held onto .. this causes the slow death .. the gradual slowing down of the vibrations in the atomic structure of our bodies.

Each day .. I am focusing my attention and devotions upon making certain that I am raising and integrating all energies in me.

I am holding that ongoing communion with the highest vibratory consciousness by worshipping the higher thoughts and emotions. Daily .. I am experiencing the uplifting vibratory activity within my human field.

I am adhered to the limitless channels of absolutely pure ideas .. and I am abstaining from any judgments or tendencies which would place a weight upon my own acceleration. In this way I share with you the unfolding venture of Transfiguration .. Resurrection .. and Ascension.  The threefold atonement initiation which once again I must demonstrate to those of humanity who have prepared themselves sufficiently to receive of My Ideal.

Michael of Nebadon

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