Friday, November 14, 2014

Thine Creative Impulse is the God Intelligence in us .. and in the royal road of Mine teaching .. I prepare thee to walk with Us. The road is already paved. The signs are posted along the way. The winds are blowing upon thy back lifting you ahead.

Thy Creative Impulse is the One Power of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Father ..  Universalis I refer to Him as .. He pervades all peoples and things. He dwells as thy identity and nature divine.

He desires expression and expansion and  thine exfoliation of all human imperfect densities. Day by day Our association guides you along this royal road to the eternal and immortal. You but need to choose wholeheartedly .. and then follow Us .. for we lead you into a fuller more fruit-bearing contact and connection with thine own divinity.

Thine exfoliation of the naught .. allows the aught to blossom. It is the pruning of thine tree of life which bears unto thee good fruit. This is the fruit of thine Harmony and Healing and Happiness and Honor in the Kingdom. For ye are designed to expand thine inner core .. outward .. through all thine human activity .. by living His will .. and by accepting His plan of the Threefold Atonement.

Knoweth what that is.. beloveds? It is thine completion guarantee from mortality unto immortality. You are then free to roam the Galaxies in this our Universe.

Michael of Nebadon

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