Thursday, November 27, 2014

The knowledge of Our writings .. these We offer to you freely. Come and read and contemplate to let these precepts begin to stir your understanding. The very next stage is in their application and Our guidance and personal study.

For your personal interaction with the Mother and I, you must become a formal disciple of Ours. In this, you must decide to make the commitment to be an aspirant of the Father Son Spirit .. to seek to become the Great Deity in thine nature, character, purity and desire, thine consciousness and cooperation with the higher will. And you must be accepted and admitted into Salvington College.

If this is your intent and if you believe that this is the last lifetime of mortality for you .. that you are meant to become raised up into the immortal life .. and if you feel your own capacity to walk in the way of the Universal Will and to work towards graduating from the cycle of birth and death and rebirth back into this octave, to change the trajectory of your evolutionary progression into the eternal and the more infinite .. then you may write to our office in Copenhagan, Denmark.

Michalis will forward all communications to Us, and we will look at what is appropriate for you in this lifetime.

Write to:

In the Majesty of the Father Son Spirit
Michael of Nebadon

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