Saturday, November 15, 2014

Raise thine egoic momentums into Our fellowship .. associate thyself with the Mother and I . . .

Observe thy reception of the Holy Eternal Word of the Son through My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. and partake of the Holy Spirit of the Universe Spirit of the Mother.

All is yours for the asking... hence, ye prepare a place to receive. These two Divine Circuits of Son and Mother .. are the midwives of thine birthing into union with the Father Circuit.

In this way you are approaching God the Father Source within you .. through the Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Personality Circuits of Deity.

Attune to the Father in a perpetual ongoing communion .. while working each day to receive back thine misqualified conditions which Our association will hand back to you.

Our aspirantship curriculum returns to you the empowerments given at the beginning of your existence. You learn to receive thineself .. whole and complete in the Primordial Consciousness of thine own force of life .. as We dissolve thine obstructions together .. and transfigure thine erroneous worldly accumulations.

Michael of Nebadon

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