Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our association together brings forth the fruit of healthy relationships with those all around you in your life surroundings.

This stems from thine cleansing .. thine transmutation of every particle of thy life that unbeknownst to thee .. ye have made to vibrate in opposition to the Father.

These erroneous accumulations and their momentums do .. in fact .. accidentally cause your degeneration and decomposition .. thine physical body disease and death. However .. those are not a part of Mine teaching to you.

I have come into thine very midst to re-explain to you My original ideal as given to those around Me who were receptive to learn from Me. Some of those souls who walked with Me then .. are now beginning to walk with Me once again in this time and place.

Partake of Mine Body. Drink of the Nectar I AM. It is your Nectar as well. Your very own Body of Spiritual Light and Love .. that will catapult thee into True Life.

Michael of Nebadon

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