Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In thine daily communion with the Father Principle .. certain attitudes .. the beatitudes .. are the way to position yourself within the greater Seamless Garment of Immaculate Illumination .. the One God Force who has spread Himself outward as the creation itself...

He dwells personally at the Center Hub .. and His fragment of Consciousness and Life is His gift to each soul .. the gift of His Life which you can become eternally one with by completing the law of harmony in you .. and by learning to walk within His will and way .. His truth and goodness and beauty.  These are thine nature as Our godchild.

For the creation is His Body .. is My Body. I explain it in this way so that you may have a connecting link to My Consciousness ... for I and the Father Son are One.

These are the inner asanas of Our yoga at Salvington College ...

Michael of Nebadon

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