Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In thine daily ablutions .. thine EEEs ... thine daily embracing of your density and darkness in order to transfigure that into light ....

Become thou stillness itself .. silently .. surrendering to thine fuller Consciousness. Breathing in the fuller Consciousness above and within you. Be in a continuous communion with My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

Ask Me to guide thine direction .. thine purpose .. thine meanings and understandings of your path in this life. I will respond in Mine way .. personally to you.

Impregnate thyself with the finer more rarified vibration of the Primordial Omnipotence indwelling you. Make a commitment towards working out the will of God the Father in you.

This begins with your commitment towards applying the Seven Powers of your free will to unfurl your true empowerments with the Father.

This begins with your application of the power of Inquiry which gives you the divine insight and spirit perception to perceive your misqualifications as I return these karmas to you in Our association.

In Our association together .. we quicken from within to the without. An organic resurrecting occurs in your atomic structure. An Illuminated soul field blossoms. A greater receptivity blooms in you. A readiness to go onwards and graduate from these octaves into more glorified regions of the universe.

Michael of Nebadon

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