Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I come into thine midst beloveds. Know ye the reasons for mine coming? It is to ignite and inspire, to infiltrate and penetrate the planetary civilization. The Host, the Mother and I .. we are here amongst thee, and it remains as your free will choice to honor our coming and our guidance, or to be left back alone in the mires of thine own confusions and conceit. We come to mature the race, and to offer a better way .. albeit .. the only way  .. to freedom and mastery for you each one.

It is the way of Paradise Trinity .. the Endowment of grace and mercy .. knowledge and understanding .. relationship and realization .. recognition and revelation. We have come at this time to stir thine lethargies, and to help you to cleanse permanently from your age old crusted viewpoints of the Father Son Spirit, and Mine own place in this universal framework...

Michael of Nebadon

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