Friday, November 14, 2014

Become free of the primitive understanding of God and his way. Now .. One can arise to be in fuller cooperation with the very force of the life that they are. become awakened into existence .. that ye are conscious of being Consciousness itself. Conscious that ye are Consciousness Itself .. the universe of the Supreme God conscious that I AM Consciousness itself. Only this Self reflective Inversion of thine mind into the contemplations of identification with the It of Itself.

So .. Inversion is Identification .. our fourth free will power to enter into the fruit of the Kingdom of Heaven.  To become his righteousness in expression. And to become in actuality .. beyond mere theory .. that you are this Creative Impulse of all life .. a conscious creative impulse that is seeking expression and expansion.

Yet .. to attain ye must transfigure the erroneous old momentums and vibrational accumulations that keep you superficial .. caught in the senses of the lesser nature and appearance world of the naught self.

Hence .. ye are entering into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty by this transmutation into the God of Supremacy.

Michael of Nebadon

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