Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wheresoever thine heart is, thine consciousness primarily .. thine overriding thoughts and focus, thine intention and attention coupled with feelings and faith .. therein shall be your destiny; for as ye believe, so it will be unto thee, in thine reality and surroundings, thine circumstances and relationships, thine subsequent lifetimes and familial environment.

Thus, are you embracing now the eternal in order that you might raise thine existence beyond the extremities and oppositions of human consciousness, beyond all conflicted mental states and struggles emotionally and financially.

With the proper use of thine creative power and free will choices, ye shall become the creative associate of a new momentum and trajectory which catapults thine subsequent lifetimes into a completion and graduation from the evolutionary progressions within the earth octaves. Ye shall become raised and illuminated unto the stratosphere of the living network of the Host of Heaven .. unto the eternal octaves of light within My Father's House.

Then, shall ye serve with thine gifts and true intelligence, thine true Selfhood .. thine godhood intact .. ye shall have crossed over the bridge of immaturity and rebellion .. resistances of all kinds, and the tantrums of thine lower nature, wherein ye become, once again, His Individualization in a fuller expression; able with the potency of thine understanding grace, to travel within this our universe to other civilizations and arenas; for in My Father's House ye can have no imagination nor idea of the things that are prepared for those who love God first and foremost, and who are made willing to do His will, and live His Life within thee.

~Michael of Nebadon

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