Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ultimately. . All are called to aspire for the fuller consciousness .. at one with the Primordial Father Spirit within themselves .. yet not in this lifetime.

Some are working out smaller portions of their learning .. only partial aspects of the greater perfecting of their personality and soul in this one visible lifetime, and are not quite prepared to embrace the eternal in as complete a way as those who are with Me now who have spent a multitude of prior lifetimes preparing to be with Me here and now .. by fulfilling the law of their being .. the balancing of their misqualifications of soul energy... the clearing or quickening of their lowered vibratory karmic tendencies.

While Sovrnty Society is for the general population to partake of Our wisdom and prepare ever further .. Salvington College is designed to give a curricula to those personality souls who are poised to complete their journey in the earth .. to finally bring a permanent transfiguring to all their errors and misqualified conditions because they have arrived at a point wherein a great healing and balancing has taken place for them over much time prior to this singular lifetime before thee.

At Salvington College,  We give them that extra support and guidance energetically and intellectually to allow the securing of the Garment of Light upon them. This is the everlasting body .. a newly created expression for the octaves beyond earth .. an immortal and eternal body with a higher capacity for living .. an ascendant form that becomes immune to having to return into this lowest of octaves in creation.

They have then achieved the graduation .. from the duality extremes .. and they take upon themselves a new life beyond birthing into this world.

Michael of Nebadon

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