Sunday, October 19, 2014

Truth is the only unchanging principle. It is the only thing that changes not. Truth is that which brings the aspirant into an ongoing actualization of their own security and stability. Truth can be relied upon to give nurturance and sustainability within us. In all the world there are two things; the one is truth; the other falsehood is; and Truth is that which is, and falsehood that which seems to be. As the world societies evolve and mature, they shall become anchored in Truth .. in the stability and honesty and unchanging attributes of Truth.

This is what all of this knowledge and attainment is attempting to create; a Truth within the individual allows the personality soul to become eternally linked to God .. who is Truth Itself. He is the stable security that a person searches for in the worldly achievements of society. So, if you crave to discover and experience security in the unchanging principle of life, then ye must become more completely acquainted with ... Truth!

... once established in Truth, then you are on your way to stability and a permanent stature of your own divinity.

Michael of Nebadon

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