Monday, October 6, 2014

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, ye must expand the Father's Presence in you .. in you resides the entrance to the Kingdom of His Consciousness .. the expansion of your identity and awareness of you believe yourself to be is clarified and illuminated by Our association together as you invite My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth into your life each day, asking for My guidance and direction. I hold the power and capacity through the Almighty Father Creator, Son, and Spirit to inject into your heart and mind a clearer direction of truthfulness, and a purposeful elevation of your thinking processes which are meant to work in unison with the Presiding Father Presence.

Our association together will gradually change your innermost feelings which tend to be more base and materialized into the more eternal attitudes and feelings, the cooperative considerations that you give to the Father's Life within you will be greatly enhanced as you involve Me .. the Mother and I through the Host of Heaven...the planetary administration for this civilization and planet.

You must begin to know what is within you, both the pleasant and unpleasant things; for you cannot change anything so long as you do not know what is really in you .. and the greatest challenge that you will encounter is in fooling yourself about who you really are. Humans tend to see themselves in one sort of way while actually their reality is very different. So there is a discrepancy .. a chasm .. which must become bridged .. the delusionary thoughts and feelings which pervade the lower nature and the lower mind .. causing a person to believe one image of themselves while all at the very same time, they are truly in a very different place then the way they hold their self imagery. Unless the individual takes hold of this and consciously looks to create this bridge into reality .. the reality of themselves as a personality, and where they may be in their spiritual development .. it can take hundreds of lifetimes to bring these two disparities together. To begin to live in accordance to objective truthfulness in seeing yourself just as you are.

Our association together with your intense cooperation and concentration, your consecration of the lesser into the greater within you, and your devotions towards wanting to own thyself and claim thine inheritance of light and life... these attitudes are the fulcrum...the leverage... the advantage that you will hold over simply hoping and allowing things to take their course. Things cannot take their course with the human being because of the prior momentums that must become cleared. Then, finally... the individual can begin to generate a constructive trajectory and empowered momentum which compels their illumination over time.

~Michael of Nebadon

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