Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thine attention is Consciousness directed. Attention is the use of thine own Wave Individualization coming forth out from the Primordial Ocean .. intending expression.

Thine attention is the creative free will choice of your values and priorities in this life. It is worshiping by decision. Attention is the creative beam of thy devotion placed into thy service and setting into motion thine destiny.

Be vigilant with thine attention .. placing it in thy service to expand the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.  God desires expression in the creation .. this Supreme finite God who travels experientially with all intelligences in the universes .. and he desires an expansion of His Presence .. an actualization of his virtues and his divine potential.

This Supremacy of the Father is Himself in time and space. Certainly He dwells Infinitely in the center and source. Yet.. He pervades the creation .. laying outward from the divine hub Himself.

Attention allows vibration to be set into momentums of expression .. and these momentums continue to act in our personal world unless we offset the vibrational momentums which have accumulated by us over lifetimes.

You are living in circumstances already set by you from your past. Your free will had been used in order to set these circumstances into expression already. Now you reap what you had sown .. but grace and forgiveness called forth by us .. this is the transmutation aspect of Consciousness which is Omnipotence in action.

I come forth to do the bidding of the Paradise Trinity in nurturing thine comprehension of these eternal verities of Life.

Michael of Nebadon

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