Saturday, October 4, 2014

The great error that human beings continue to perpetuate is attempting to have the One God do for them, instead of being willing to undergo the necessary sacrifices and purifications which allow them to do for God. Ye must allow the great Intelligence to work with you, through you, for you, and to actualize your human personality and character into the divine maturing.

I share with you an eternal perspective that allows aspirants to understand the three elements that each individual soul must adhere to in order to enter into the Kingdom of God ...the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.

Law .. Plan .. and Will. These are three aspects of one unfoldment that will help you to know what God's will is for you. God's will is the exact same thing for everyone ... to bring forth His Perfection into and through thine human experience. To expand His Kingdom by quickening your human vibration into the vaster godhood within you.

Law allows thine cause and effect to be resolved. Plan is the working out of the law your lifetimes of learning in order to bring harmony and order .. balance .. to all experiences. And will raises you into the divine character, the eternal decisions, the everlasting point of viewing your existence. Will allows His Kingdom to become expanded through you and with you.

Michael of Nebadon

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