Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The great challenge for people at this time of the civilization is discernment. How are you going to find what is sincerely true, fact, accurate understanding. I tell you ... you won't exactly find that, but you will discover your own belief systems and ideologies and opinions in the writings and works of others. As you place a concerted and consistent daily application into the ideals that you discover, you will become that much closer to knowing first-hand what is truth. This is evolution; the weeding out from your experiences those ideals that at one point may seem true to you, and then after placing great effort in working those ideals, you may discover that they begin to appear less true, more false, more of the writers interpretations and opinions.

There is another way that I share with you herein; invite Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. My own Spiritual Presence .. into your prayers and meditations, your contemplations and your searching. Seek sincerely truth, penetrate through the superficial understandings of the collective race, find your own desire to truly understand truth .. both the Truth of God, and also the truth of finding certain knowledge which can lead you to a greater comprehension of the eternal and infinite.

In this vein of seeking, I offer to you each Mine way. Only you, in your innermost searching, will be able to discern and decipher and delve more deeply into Our associations together. Only you can be thine own salvation, thine own redemption. Only each individual personality soul with their thoughts and feelings and hunger for truth can infiltrate the veneer of falsehoods that are prevalent, and penetrate into the highest and most pure knowledge which will carry you into fulfillment and grace.

~Michael of Nebadon

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