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Sovrnty Society Satsanga

Sovrnty Society Satsanga with the Creator Son and Creative Universe Spirit

The word ‘Satsanga’ is the combination of the two words ‘Sat’ and ‘Sanga.’ ‘Sat’ means existence absolute, which is God the Supreme or the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy within creation.
‘Sanga’ literally means company or union. To be always in the company of the Lord, or to be established in the Kingdom of His Supremacy, is the literal meaning of the word ‘Satsanga.’
Satsanga is association with the wise. Live in the company of sages, saints, sadhus, yogis and sannyasins; hear their valuable Upadesa or instructions and follow them implicitly. This is Satsanga.
An Evening with Michael of Nebadon is Sovrnty Society Satsanga which will establish peace and calm for you while in a chaotic world, enhancing your understanding, and deepening your receptivity of the presiding Spirit of the Father.  

The evening with Michael is an immersion into God the Supreme, and the immaculate goodness, truth, and beauty of your own divine nature and realized identity… preparing the aspirant to become a candidate for the Eternal Embrace of the ages . . . the royal road to your own Immortality.
Experience the guidance of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit in awakening you into a more greatly heightened and powerfully alive relationship .. realization .. remembrance .. and revelation of the Father Spirit within you.

There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving!

The goal of eternity, the adventure of divinity attainment, and the unfoldment of perfection awaits you.

Christ Michael Shares:
"These are a living part of Mine Private Writings for aspirants, awakening greater depth in relationship, realization, revelation, and remembrance of your Divine Inheritance and Authority. By actively and righteously applying your power to recognize the One Father, receive Him in all thine ways, and release His Energies of Perfection through the Conscious Commands of becoming the Self Directive Governing I AM in Expression, ye set thine existence upon a course of unstoppable Fulfillment, Harmony, and Order Divine.
"At Salvington College we have designed a way for individuals who love God and desire to be more like Him .. to grow into becoming sincere aspirants who seek the greater life more abundant .. to enter into the Kingdom of His Love and Mercy .. preparing to bring completion and graduate from the evolution of the Earth .. to become a candidate of the Eternal Embrace through the threefold initiation of union with the Spark of God within them."
“I come into these human octaves to reveal the Paradise path of divinity attainment. As my Father has given me of his spirit, so will I give you of my spirit. And this Spirit of Truth which I have bestowed upon you shall guide and comfort you and shall eventually lead you into all truth. And you will receive this gift in your hearts, and he will abide with you. And this Spirit of Truth, speaking for the spiritual endowments of your souls, will help you to know that you are the sons and daughters of God . . .
“By the old way you seek to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of living; by the new way you are first transformed by the Spirit of Truth and thereby strengthened in your inner soul by the constant spiritual renewing of your mind, and so are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God.
“Forget not — it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature.”

Become immersed in the truth of your own divine nature and realized identity as you prepare to become a candidate for the Eternal Embrace of Immortality.

Experience the guidance of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter in awakening you into a more greatly heightened and powerfully alive relationship .. realization .. and revelation  .. of the divine Spirit within you.

There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving!

The goal of eternity, the adventure of divinity attainment, and the unfoldment of perfection awaits you.
You can achieve the victorious life in the Universal Spirit of the Father of Paradise through identification with Him in you. Live in deep dependence of the Father who is thine activating animating Power and Intelligence moving all things.

Let thine mind become reminded daily... and even hourly... of Our Presence. Your problems and failures, weakness and neediness must be turned inward to the Father Principle. He gives life unto thee. He supplies all the resources, and every impulse to do good comes from His glorified Spirit.

A true dependence upon the Life giving Father Spirit is to make a commitment to serve Him in you. In this way of giving yourself to Him, rather than asking Him to do for you... this brings realization. The living of His will and plan allows Him to outflow His make more manifest His prosperity in awareness and peace.

It is coming to him with an open heart and mind, not a mind that believes it already knows everything to be known; for that is an impossibility, beloveds. Let yourself become infused with his purpose and desire. Let this purpose to expand your will and his Kingdom of Love become your everpresent desire and agenda. Think only how you may give yourself to him for this express expand the Kingdom of Heaven in you and outward unto all your brothers and sisters.

Feel the glory and power of achieving God's purpose and agenda. His consciousness must be claimed by your inward attunement, and the claiming of your own realization in him. First build upon your faith trust relationship with him throughout your day, focusing your attention and energies upon this immaculate presence. And as your focus of energies and presence of attention goes to him rather than being placed into the changing appearances of the world and senses, you shall become intimate in his relationship, more realized in his imminence and omnipotence. Of yourself you can truly do not a thing; for he is the everpresent animating power and intelligence, the love and the life within who doeth all works.

Deep profound reliance upon Hi is the key. I am at one with Him in this attempt to reach the minds and hearts of humanity. My Spirit of Truth does surround you and is thine teacher and friend, thine guide and gauge, yet, your destination is within His Presence indwelling. This relationship brings about divine realization. It brings forth divine perspective and the Holy perceptions of His imminent Presence. It begins forward from within you the bound up potentiality of divinity which is thine own to lay claim to. This is thine inheritance.

Relationship with the Father Principle overflows into realization of His whereabouts, His glory which can be rested upon. Peace and good will come to those who have the strength and determination to keep placing their focused worship upon the Father. He is within and He is all around thee. Spiritual insights and divine perceptions, attitudes of eternity and the character beatitudes of the godly perspective will emerge in you as you follow in this way.

Relationship overflows into realization which then gives over to the emergence of revelations about yourself, about your place in the universe, and upon your identity and nature in the Father God.

I come to remind you with Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. To hold you dear to Me so that you reclaim your empowerment at one with the Father Principle who loves you immensely desiring union with you as a person. I can easily share with you of My Oneness with the Father, and this is so, yet I want you to think of this unfoldment in a slightly altered way. Think of the Father Spirit as your destination, your way, your truth, and your very Life. The force of Life within you that animates you and carries you into fuller light and glory.

...and in this way you will come to realize that the Spirit dwells within you, and that you dwell within the body of the Spirit Supreme... the eternal Essence and Intelligence that permeates every particle of space throughout existence. Infinite space is made of this Spiritual Force of the Source.
At Sovrnty Society and Salvington College, the illuminated cross symbolizes our dedicated cooperation with expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy by reaching inward and upward to the Fatherhood of God and extending love and mercy outward to the Brotherhood of Humanity.

Our educational fellowship brings an intellectual emancipation and a spiritual Illumination to the individual willing to dedicate themselves to discipleship with the Creator Son Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit. 

The Benefits of Satsanga at Sovrnty Society
  • Satsanga with those persons embodying truth and love plays a tremendous part in the attainment of quick spiritual progress.
  • Satsanga is the easiest and quickest means to change the minds of worldly persons towards the spiritual path, its fulfillment for the aspirant soul, and to thoroughly overhaul the vicious, wrong Misqualifications or the Samskaras in Eastern text.
  • Our Satsanga at Sovrnty Society gives the seeker an experience of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael of Nebadon and the Presence of the Infinite Spirit and Universe Mother’s Holy Spirit. It elevates the mind and fills it with Sattva or the divine stream of purity. It eradicates the vicious thoughts in the mind and leads to the attainment of wisdom; the enhancement of the nine R’s beginning with relationship and realization.
  • Without participating in Satsanga, this mind which is filled with worldly impurities cannot be turned towards God due to the momentums of misqualified energies and erroneous qualities of density and self destruction.
  • Satsanga at Sovrnty Society immerses the seeker in the knowledge of truth and its righteous application towards the illumination of the personality and soul. Sitting with Michael and the Mother is the surest truth-inspiring agent in order to deepen receptivity and quicken the consciousness into the fuller light. Dispassion, discernment, and discrimination cannot be attained without Satsanga. Devotion and dedication and desire…pure desire for the godly virtues .. these are attained by absorbing the divine radiation of the Host of heaven through the conscious calling forth for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of creation.
  • Satsanga removes the darkness of ignorance and fills your mind with Vairagya or non-attachment or dispassion for worldly enjoyments. Satsanga with the Holy Comforter energies is the sun that dispels the cloud of ignorance. It forces you to lead the life divine and have strong conviction in the existence of God.
  • The company of Christ Michael’s association with the Mother and the Immortal Host remarkably hastens the growth of Sattvic virtues of purity and refinement in the aspirant, and gives him or her the strength to awaken the inherent dormant powers and potentials of divinity, and to eradicate undesirable negative qualities and various defects in character and misunderstandings.
  • Satsanga helps a great deal in the attainment of freedom and mastery by weaning the seeker and the aspirant off of the worldly sensory pleasures which downgrade their frequency into obstruction and darkness. There is no other way. It removes and destroys the threefold afflictions of error in understanding the law of harmony, the realization of our unified presence within the Supreme God and its Source in the Universal Father, and the capacity and conviction to stand in truth and give daily application of the principles and precepts of precipitation of that divine nature and identity. It is an unfailing means to conquer the Maya of the external world of appearance, and this dire mind which is constantly seeking outwardly into the manifold useless attempts to resolve struggles internally.
  • Satsanga is a formidable and impregnable fortress to protect the young aspirants from the temptations and the attacks of the world collective maya in consciousness and enhancing and strengthening our faith trust conviction.
  • Just as a boat is the greatest shelter to a drowning man, so also, one who comes from the Source and Center with full scale understanding and realization of the prerequisites necessary for attainment is the only shelter to the persons who are being drowned in the ocean of worldliness.
  • Satsanga is a sentinel at the door of mastery and freedom for the soul. It illuminates the aspirant soul readying that personality soul for permanent union with the Spirit of the Source. Sovrnty Society Satsanga builds upwards the beatitudes that Michael offers to seekers worldwide. Through these embracing eternity exercises within the beatitudes, the aspirant becomes filled to overflowing with forgiveness and grace. Michael’s precepts and ideal includes the Seven I’s, the Nine R’s, and other highly specific strategies for, in Christian terms, entering into the Kingdom of Heaven; realizing the Supremacy of the Divine Presence. Through divine inquiry, peace prevails and this leads into the field of greater contentment. All a natural occurrence of the preliminary unfoldments which open the doorway into realization and direct experience quickly and easily.
  • Satsanga is unfailing in its results, as you adhere to our precepts, apply its principles, you will begin to precipitate into your life the promise offered.
  • Satsanga is association with the Paradise Trinity Endowment of Father, Son, and Spirit as these Persons of Infinity extend into the finite creation and the body of the Supreme God; the God of Supremacy. This immersion is the one panacea for all the ills of life.
  • There is nothing so inspiring, elevating, solacing and delightful as Satsanga together in fellowship with each other, and with the intended focus of becoming more greatly receptive of the inheritance of divine bliss and righteousness.
  • Satsanga is the greatest of all purifiers and illuminators of man, as you come together; for when two or more are gathered...
  • Satsanga with this Paradise Endowment over time and with clear desire and dedication of purity in motive and intention, even for a minute, is much better than the entire rulership of a state or country.
  • Sovrnty Society Satsanga will heal your sores, infuse new life into you, rejuvenate you, and show you the way to peace and happiness while preparing you for the greater expansion and divine relationship as a citizen of this universe.
  • Follow the teachings of this Universe Creator Son and Universe Creative Mother Spirit is associating with the descent of the perfected beings of the Host, the seers of Truth through all time. It is the opportunity to attune yourself with their collective momentums and primary convictions of faith and trust through relationship with the Universal Father Spirit.

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Sovrnty Society Satsanga
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