Sunday, October 26, 2014

Signify each day your intention to seek God with all your hearts .. and to enter, like little children and by sincere faith and innocent trust, into the security and salvation of the kingdom of heaven... this inherently imminent Presence of the Father.

My Father has long worked for your salvation .. sending many a messenger into thine generations .. and continually offering to you thine redemption and thine directions back into his fold of light .. and I come now once again .. and for those who do believe in mine return in this way to live among you .. to stimulate thine pure desires .. and to personally show you the way to freedom in his Kingdom.

Many have believed Our ideal of this kingdom, yet those who could be first to come forward and accept the immortal light of Supremacy have consistently refused to believe the revelation of the truth of God in this way; God revealed in man through our eternal association of Our endowment .. and mankind's opportunity to become day to day uplifted to God.

Michael of Nebadon

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